Collection: Knit Fabrics

Knit fabric is created by looping various fibers together. This technique assures an enviable elasticity. Knits are very comfortable and in high demand due to this construction. Our selection is diverse to cater to all different clientele. Browse our online catalogue and keep in mind that our warehouse is massive and we are still in the process of adding all of our fabrics to our website. So if there is a specific item you are looking for, reach out to us and we will be happy to advise you or send out some swatches. 

Knit fabric is versatile and can be adapted to many projects. So whether you are looking to curl up with a warm and cozy bamboo fleece hoody or hoping to impress someone by looking stunning in a printed velvet dress at a party we have the fabric for you. From basic knits like viscose or bamboo jersey to make your new favorite t-shirt to more extravagant knits such as sequins or vegan leather for more avant-garde clothing. Your next clothing item will be of the highest quality when it is made with a Zinman knit.

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